Reflecting on PR Pubs: A learning experience

This semester has been incredibly helpful, and has opened my eyes to so many design possibilities. I have learned a lot about Public Relations through the Adobe lens. I feel way more comfortable now with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Here are a few bullet points I will discuss:

  • How was the course format?
  • How was journaling every week?
  • How was writing for a public audience?
  • How did you grow?

I would say that the course format was very helpful and consistent. I always understood the tasks and projects. I enjoyed having different tasks each week, and I also enjoyed reading Designing for Emotion. 

I also thought that journaling every week via my blog was very helpful when reflecting on my journey. I would say I have come a long way and have improved a lot. Writing for a public audience was enjoyable. 

Lastly, I would say I saw exponential growth this semester. The projects thoroughly aided in my growth, and I enjoyed working on applicable assignments. 

Overall, I am very thankful for everything I have learned this semester. 

Medium for Final Learning Project

For my final project, I would like to create a video. I think that using Adobe Premiere will be the best way to stretch my creative abilities. I believe I can learn a lot from creating a fun, unique video. I will probably need to watch some YouTube videos to prepare for this assignment. I will also need to record some videos. I hope that this works, and that I end up with a fun video!

Summary of Learning

I have learned a lot this semester about both writing and design. I have enjoyed creating new designs using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also gained a new appreciation for blogging. I hope to continue my blog after this class is over, and I definitely would like to continue to improve my design abilities. I notice spacing a lot more now in designs, and I also have a better eye for alignment. I feel like I could have improved my direct mailers more. Lastly, I am excited to create the final design project and I think I will be very proud of it.


I have learned a lot from blogging this semester. I have decided to transition my domain to be a home design blog. I love to write about home decor and decoration. I think I will have a lot of fun continuing the blog. I have filled out the About page already, and I plan to continue blogging in the future. I am going to call the blog blue home, and I made a logo for my brand. I hope that my blog does well in the future. 

Reflection 5.2: Finishing up my newsletter.

This week we were asked to complete our news letter. I found this assignment to be really fun. I chose an article that was about some new changes for Walmart this holiday season! I used InDesign for the newsletter, and I found that it was very easy to use. Here is my final design: 

Here is a link to the article: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Reflection 5.1: Creating a Layout for Walmart

This week we were asked to select a Fortune 500 company to design a layout for. I chose Walmart because they are a well-known company that could probably use some design help. Here is their logo that I used to inspire my design: 

I started to research design layouts that I liked, and formulate an idea for Walmart. Here are some of the layouts that caught my eye: 

Overall, I found that I liked more visual layouts. I used InDesign and began creating my own layout. Here is what I came up with: 

I used filler text to layout where the copy will go, and I used some Walmart stock photographs as fillers. 

I really like the design I created, and I feel that it fits with the Walmart brand well. I enjoyed using InDesign for this assignment, and I am continuing to learn more! 

Here are some helpful websites if you are looking to create your own fun layout: 

Blog Post 4.1: Top ways to expand your Social Media Presence.

This week we were asked to acquaint ourselves with the infamous Canva. While I personally prefer using all things Adobe for any social media graphics I did enjoy learning about Canva. I was pleasantly surprised by how user-friendly Canva was!

We were specifically asked to use Canva to create some social media content. I began the process by selecting a business I wanted to design graphics for, and I chose Essie nail polish. This was the logo I used to build my graphics around: 

I used this logo to inspire myself, and I created a Facebook cover photo for their company. This is the design I created using Canva: 

I then created three more social media designs. Two of the designs were for Instagram posts, and this is how they turned out: 

The last design I created was for a SnapChat geofilter! I had a lot of fun creating this concept: 

Overall, I think this weeks assignments were very helpful and fun! I still think that I will use Adobe to design things, but I am happy to have another software to design on. 

Some helpful links:

Reflection 3.3: Creating + Finishing Direct Mailers.

This week our main task was to complete our Direct Mailers. We also reflected on another chapter in the book “Designing for Emotion.” I enjoyed creating the direct mailer. I did not receive any feedback on my draft so I kept the design and theme consistent. 

My first mailer that was aimed toward incoming National Merit Scholars. It was direct and simple. I made both of my direct mailers one sided because the point of the mailer was to catch the eye of the incoming student and simply provide them with the website to go for more information. 

My second direct mailer was for potential incoming athletes for the University of Oklahoma. I made the design of this mailer football themed. I think it really gave the essence of our school’s love for football and athletics. Again, it was a simple, one-sided mailer that was direct and to the point.

Here are the final products: 

If you are looking for some tips and information for creating your own direct mailer, here are some helpful sites! 


The main difference I found in Photoshop and InDesign were their fundamental purposes. While InDesign is fantastic for layout, Photoshop is much easier for editing and adding creative touches to things.  

I hope you enjoy the design of my Direct Mailers! I am looking forward to coming up with more, exciting designs throughout the semester. 

Reflection 3.2: Strategy and Stakeholders.

This week I was asked to create a second Direct Mailer for another stakeholder that I defined. My second stakeholder that I settled on was high school students who would like to plat sports at the University of Oklahoma. 

My first stakeholder helped me define the second stakeholder because I tried to choose a stakeholder that would contrast my first. Since my first stakeholder was academically inclined to attend OU, I decided to make the second a group who was motivated by athletics. 

For this second Direct Mailer, I designed it to be more sports themed rather than academics. I tried to use the information I learned from the second chapter of Designing for Emotion. I had fun improving on my photoshop abilities, and I really feel that I have grown a lot already. 

I have noticed major differences between InDesign and Photoshop. I would say that I have liked Photoshop more than Indesign because it allows you to be more creative. I ran into a few difficulties in Photoshop, but I am learning more everyday. Sometimes it is difficult to use layers, and I have learned what a “Smart Object” is versus a rasterized object. It’s not easy! 

Here are my final Direct Mailer drafts… I hope you enjoy!! 

While they are both very different, I would say the match pretty well together. They have an overall similar theme with the “OU” in the words being highlighted. 

This week has been a Photoshop rollercoaster ride, and I am excited to continue learning more about Adobe. 

Targeting an audience one stakeholder at a time.

After defining my first stakeholder last week, I created a direct mailer to attract the group I decided on. This went well and I was please with the finished product. This week I am defining another key stakeholder, and I am going to create a direct mailer for that group as well. 

When deciding on my second stakeholder I thought about the things that make the University of Oklahoma a unique place. One of my very first thoughts was…. well Football of course! 

For this stakeholder, I wanted to target athletes who want to play at the University of Oklahoma. I decided to reach this audience by creating a mailer that was sports themed. I ultimately thought this would make a good second stakeholder because it is a direct contrast from my first academically inclined target audience. 

Here is a glimpse of  the Direct Mailer that I created:

This stakeholder is important to the University of Oklahoma because athletics are a crucial part of our campus. The university comes together in support if our athletic teams, and it truly make OU a special place.